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The New Barn/Shop!

Joe spent months planning and designing his new shop. He tried to explain what it would look like but I couldn't see it. Now that the structure is there, I'm beginning to be able to imagine the end result.

Several weeks were spent mixing and pouring concrete. I could help shovel gravel but beyond that, I'm not much use. Progress seemed slow until the big trusses went up. Now it is moving along and there is something to see.

We ordered the siding this week. I went along to pick out the color. It's a good thing I did because the sample colors are very different from the actual color on steel. There are so many colors to choose from these days. You'll have to come back to find out the color we chose. It will look very nice!

Putting up the trusses on a hot and windy day





Photos taken from the west and the north. You can see the various levels.
The front half is the machine shop area.


Photos taken from the east and the south


90ยบ and very humid but they got the steel on the front in a few hours.
The roof is a very pretty burgundy but it's hard to see from the road.


Another very humid and hot day but they finished the back roof


Those pieces of steel are 22' long


It's not an easy job when each piece of steel is so long


The west wall is almost complete


The east wall is almost complete

Great use of our old patio door on south side of shop


The old milkhouse is now a great home for chickens and cats so we wanted to keep it




Ripping off the old milkhouse roof


New roof trusses for the milkhouse & Entryway


steel on the milkhouse roof extends out into new entryway


Walk-in door on east side


Overhead Door


Entryway attaches to Milkhouse and Shop


Lots of work to do inside but kitties are always there to help!

See demolition of the old barn

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