Learning and Growing

By the time we found the 1st 2 chicks they were 1 and 2 days old. It was so amazing to see how the hens took care of their babies. 1 yellow and 1 black. Red had a sister who was black so we think the black chick will stay black.

Watch Video of 1 and 2 day old chicks

The chicks imitate everything the hens do and therefore learn how to eat and drink quickly. We started them out with baby mash but now that they are older, they also love cucumber seeds and go absolutely crazy over crickets. If it moves, it's way better than anything that doesn't move! No sharing when it comes to crickets. It's grab and run and try to eat it before someone snatches it away.

Junior eating cucumber

They learned quickly sitting on top of mama was better than underneath. It was still warm on top but they could see so much more! Jumping from one mama to the other was also great fun and when mama decides she's going for a walk, well it's ride 'em cowboy and hang on tight!

When it's time for bed, they crawl back under mama where it's wonderfully warm and snuggy. Running around pecking and scratching all day makes for a very tired little chick.

3 babies on 2 mamas

Video -- Chick riding on Mama

Video -- Babies on Mama

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