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At TJS Asphalt Paving, we have over 30 years of experience laying blacktop asphalt driveways, resurfacing and repairing existing pavement.

As a Paving Contractor, we provide all types of blacktop and paving services including commercial, municipal and residential work, seal coating, resurfacing, and line painting and road markings.

Road Repair Work

  • Pot holes
  • Frost heaves
  • Patching
  • Base failures
  • Crack filling
  • Sunken areas
  • Drainage problems
  • Damaged gutters
  • Faded line paintings


Competitively priced, we stand behind our work and will gladly provide you with a list of references upon request. We guarantee our work to the best of your satisifaction. Contact us for more information on our blacktop, paving and asphalt services.